LOGO Design For Jining Number One Middle School Celebratory Blue Gold with Book and Olive Branch Motif

a logo design,with the text "Ji qu ning yi zhong", main symbol: Design Elements:
1. The number **70**: Emphasize the 70th anniversary, which is the core element.
2. **School name**: Jining Number One Middle School
3. **Time interval**: 1953 - 2023 (year of establishment to 70th anniversary)
4. **Icon or symbol**:
- **Book**: Symbolizes knowledge and education
- **Olive branch**: Symbolizes peace and wisdom
- **Tree**: Symbolizes growth and long-lasting history

**Color choices**:
- **Blue** and **gold**: Blue symbolizes wisdom and professionalism, while gold represents celebration and honor.
- **White**: Background color or text color, for a cleaner and more modern feel.

**LOGO design concept**:
1. **Main graphics**:
- **Number 70**: Choose a strong and bold font, with some decorative elements.
- **Book**: It can serve as the base or background for the number 70, emphasizing education and knowledge.
- **Olive branch** or **tree**: Surround the number 70 or book, symbolizing peace, growth, and long history.
2. **Textual part**:
- Place "Jining Number One Middle School" in Chinese characters below the graphics or surrounding design.
- Include the time interval 1953 - 2023 beneath "70th anniversary" or to its side, highlighting the historical context.

**Design sketch examples**:
1. **Number and icon combination**:
  📚 🎓  70 周年  (1953 - 2023)  集宁一中
2. **Book and olive branch design**:
  📚 🎓  70 周年  (1953 - 2023)  集宁一中

**Detailed design description**:
**Graphic part**:
- **70th anniversary**: Use a 3D blue (symbolizing wisdom and professionalism) font.
- **Book**: A simple open book pattern serves as the base for the number, with light blue or white being the primary colors of the book illustration.
- **Olive branch** or **tree**: Surrounding the 70th anniversary number, use a golden color to emphasize celebration and honor.

**Text part**:
- **Font**: Choose a modern, simple, and readable font for the text.
- **Position**: Center "Jining Number One Middle School" below the main graphic and place the time interval (1953 - 2023) beneath the number or graphic with smaller font size.
- **Color**: Use blue for the text, on a white background.

Central idea: The focus is "70", representing the 70th anniversary celebration. Above it is a simple graduation hat icon. Beneath the "70" are the open book illustrations as its base, with olive branches symbolizing peace and wisdom on either side or at the bottom. Underneath, include the time interval 1953 - 2023 in smaller font, followed by the school name, "Jining Number One Middle School," in a larger font to emphasize it.,Moderate,be used in education industry,clear background

Logo Prompt


LOGO SYMBOL: # 设计元素 1. **数字70**:主要突出70周年,这是核心元素。 2. **学校名称**:集宁一中 3. **时间区间**:1953 - 2023(设立年份至70周年) 4. **图标或象征物**: - **书本**:象征知识和教育 - **橄榄枝**:象征和平与智慧 - **树木**:象征成长和长久的历史 ### **颜色选择** - **蓝色**和**金色**:蓝色象征智慧和专业,金色象征庆典和荣誉。 - **白色**:背景色或文字颜色,更显纯洁和现代感。 ### **LOGO设计概念** #### 1. **主要图形** - **数字70**: 字体要坚实有力,可以有些装饰性元素。 - **书本**:可以作为70的底座或背景,强调教育和知识。 - **橄榄枝**或**树木**:环绕在数字或书本周围,象征和平、成长和长久的历史。 #### 2. **文字部分** - 在图形的下方或环绕设计“集宁一中”的中文字体。 - 时间区间1953-2023可以置于“70周年”的下方或旁边,突显历史。 ### **示例设计草图** 1. **数字和图标结合** ``` 🎓 70 (1953 - 2023) 集宁一中 ``` 2. **书本和橄榄枝设计** ``` 📚 🎓 70 周年 (1953 - 2023) 集宁一中 ``` ### 详细设计描述: #### 图形部分 - **70周年**:采用蓝色(象征智慧和专业)的立体字体。 - **书本**:简洁的打开书本图案作为数字的底座,书籍的颜色以浅蓝色或白色为主。 - **橄榄枝**或**树木**:环绕在70周年的数字周围,用金色来突显庆典和荣誉感。 #### 文字部分 - **字体**:选择现代、简洁且易读的字体。 - **位置**:集宁一中可以在主图形的下方居中对齐,时间区间(1953-2023)可以置于“70周年”数字或图形的下方或旁边。 - **颜色**:文字部分使用蓝色,背景为白色。 ``` - 中心是“70”,代表70周年纪念。 - 上方是一个简洁的学位帽图案。 - 70的底座部分用打开的书本图案。 - 图形两侧或底部有橄榄枝象征和平与智慧。 - 时间区间1953-2023 置于下方,用小字体写上。 - 最底部是学校名称“集宁一中”,用稍大字体强调。
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  • Subject: Inspiration Behind the Logo Design The logo design for Jining Number One Middle School is inspired by its 70th anniversary celebration. The central theme revolves around the number '70' to highlight this milestone. Subject: Symbolism of Colors and Graphics The colors blue and gold are chosen deliberately; blue symbolizes wisdom and professionalism, while gold represents celebration and honor. The graphics include a prominent '70' in a strong and bold font, with an open book symbolizing education and an olive branch symbolizing peace and wisdom. Subject: Detailed Explanation of Design Elements The main design features include the '70' as the central graphic, surrounded by an open book and olive branches. The book signifies knowledge and education, while the olive branch adds elements of peace and wisdom. The design is clean and modern, reflecting the school's long-standing history. Subject: Design Style and Trends The design follows a contemporary style with clear, bold graphics and a clean color palette. It merges celebratory elements with educational symbolism, making it suitable for the education industry while ensuring clarity and impact.