LOGO Design For Jining Middle School School Emblem Fusion with Number 70 and Grassland Elements

a logo design,with the text "JiQuNingYiZhong", main symbol:School emblem fusion: Take the emblem of Jining Middle School as one of the core elements of design, you can consider incorporating the outline or important patterns of the emblem into the logo to reflect the identity and tradition of the school.n70 creative presentation:nNumber combined with books: Design number ‘7’ in the shape of an open book, while '0' can be designed as a ring, symbolizing the completeness and integrity of school education.nNumber combined with horse: Use the shape of a horse to represent number ‘70’, for example, the head and neck of the horse can form number ‘7’, while its body and tail can cleverly form number ‘0’.nNumber combined with grassland elements: Design number ‘70’ as two trees on the grassland, one representing the past and the other representing the future, implying the inheritance and hope of school history.nColor application:nBlue: Represents the vastness of the sky and grassland, also symbolizing knowledge and wisdom.nGreen: Represents the vitality of grassland, symbolizing the life force and growth of the school.nGold or red: Gold can represent the brilliant achievements and glory of the school, while red can symbolize warmth and vitality.nPatterns and shapes:nBook shape: A book is a symbol of knowledge. You can incorporate the shape of a book into the logo to express the importance that the school attaches to knowledge transmission.nCircle: A circle represents wholeness and unity, it can be used to wrap number ‘70’, indicating the unanimity of the school and the festive atmosphere of celebrating the anniversary.,Moderate,be used in Education industry,clear background

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LOGO SYMBOL: 校徽融合:将集宁一中的校徽作为设计的核心元素之一,可以考虑将校徽的轮廓或重要图案融入到logo中,以体现学校的身份和传统。 数字“70”创意表现: 数字与书本结合:将数字“7”设计成一本打开的书本形状,而“0”则可以设计成一个圆环,象征着学校教育的圆满和完整。 数字与马结合:利用马的形态来表现数字“70”,例如马的头部和颈部可以形成数字“7”,而马的身体和尾巴可以巧妙地构成数字“0”。 数字与草原元素结合:将数字“70”设计成草原上的两棵树,一棵代表过去,一棵代表未来,寓意学校历史的传承和未来的希望。 色彩应用: 蓝色:代表天空和草原的辽阔,也象征着知识和智慧。 绿色:代表草原和生机,象征着学校的生命力和成长。 金色或红色:金色可以代表学校的辉煌成就和荣耀,红色则可以象征热情和活力。 图案与形状: 书本形状:书本是知识的象征,可以将书本的形状融入到logo中,表达学校对知识传承的重视。 圆形:圆形代表完整和团结,可以用来包裹数字“70”,表达学校团结一致,共同庆祝校庆的氛围。 文字说明: 在logo下方或旁边可以加入“内蒙古集宁一中70周年校庆”等字样,以确保信息的明确传达。
INDUSTRY: Education
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  • Subject: Inspiration Behind the Logo Design The logo design for Jining Middle School integrates the school emblem, emphasizing tradition and identity. By incorporating the emblem's outline and key patterns, the design reflects a sense of heritage and continuity. Subject: Symbolism of Colors and Graphics Colors like blue symbolize vastness and wisdom, green represents vitality and growth, while gold signifies achievement and glory. These colors collectively embody the school's values and aspirations. Subject: Detailed Explanation of Design Elements The number '70' is creatively presented: '7' shaped as an open book and '0' designed as a ring, symbolizing completeness in education. The horse motif cleverly forms '70', connecting to the school's spirit and history. Subject: Design Style and Trends The use of symbolic elements such as books and circles not only signifies knowledge and unity but also aligns with modern logo design trends. This ensures the logo's relevance and impact in the educational sector.